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Get more than just a partnership with Amega!

Join the Amega RS partnership program today and start earning your commissions.

Earn up to 12 USD per trading lot.*

* FX, Energy, Commodities: Level 1 8.00 USD per lot, Level 2 1.60 USD per lot, Level 3 0.80 USD per lot Metal: Level 1 12.00 USD per lot, Level 2 2.40 USD per lot, Level 3 1.20 USD per lot

A multi-level reward system is available to our affiliates

Joining the Amega revenue share affiliate program gives you access to all these benefits:

Generous commissions
Generous commissions
Trusted global broker
Trusted global broker
Wide selection of promo materials
Wide selection of promo materials
3-level affiliate program
3-level affiliate program
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How does the RS program work?

With the RS partnership program, you will receive your commissions from the trading volume of the closed transactions generated by your referrals for a lifetime period. In other words, a part of the commissions generated by the spreads will be delivered to our partners.


The commission on 1 lot will be 8 USD
The commission on 1 lot will be 12 USD

Turn your network into a constantly growing source of income

Find out how much you could earn as an affiliate.

FX, Energy, Commodities:

Level 1Level 2Level 3
8.00 USD1.60 USD0.80 USD


Level 1Level 2Level 3
12.00 USD2.40 USD1.20 USD
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Deposits and Withdrawals to Suit Your Needs

Your Amega account is there to help you fulfil your trading aspirations. Making deposits and withdrawals whenever and wherever you want is the key to this mission.

Browse your funding options and trade today!

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