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Affiliate Program

Earn a stable income by introducing clients

Build a client network through our affiliate program to earn some of the highest commission payouts on the market

Join the affiliate program

The Amega IB

  • Level 1
    $12 affiliate payout per trading lot
  • Level 2
    $2.40 affiliate payout per trading lot
  • Level 3
    $1.20 affiliate payout per trading lot
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The math is on your side
By referring just five clients to each level, you could earn over $10,000 each month*

* FX, Energy, Commodities: Level 1 8.00 USD per lot, Level 2 1.60 USD per lot, Level 3 0.80 USD per lot; Metal: Level 1 12.00 USD per lot, Level 2 2.40 USD per lot, Level 3 1.20 USD per lot

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What is an introducing broker?

Become an introducing broker for your region or for the whole world and earn rewards with our unique tiered payout package. Our IB program is carefully designed to meet your needs and maximize your potential earnings in a competitive market.

Introducing brokers (IBs) are independent partners who act as agents to bring in new clients to brokers like Amega. IBs receive discounts and commission based on the volume of transactions made by clients they refer to Amega.